Crafty Retardo (elyofborg) wrote in churchofcraft,
Crafty Retardo

Hi everyone!

I've just finished a bunch of new 14" x 14" cushion covers... 9 of them. Oh jeebus, I am SO over basting and putting in zips! They're all cotton with felt appliques, zipped bottoms, and a back to match the colour of the front applique. Mostly geeky designs, but I've also made a cute 70s inspired owl design on vintage fabric. He matches an earlier bird that I made, inspired by the same set of images.


I've made the whole set of Pacman ghosts along with Pacman and Ms Pacman in love.

Also, some space invaders (along with this one, there's another invader and the mystery ship):

And the cutest owl:

You can see the rest here. :)
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