Crafty Retardo (elyofborg) wrote in churchofcraft,
Crafty Retardo

Hi everyone... I've been reading the community for a while ogling your gorgeous crafts and thought I'd show off some of the stuff I've been making lately. At the moment I'm obsessed with making cushion covers from new and vintage fabrics with felt appliques based on whatever catches my fancy - mostly geeky things (godzilla, pacman, etc) and images inspired by vintage fabrics (particularly from the 60s and 70s - I'm obsessed with stuff of that era). I'm also developing an obsession with making aprons, of which I have four (!) on the go. I'm going to visit my best friend for a week because she's having her first baby and am taking a suitacase of crafty stuff with me to work on, teehee.

Pictures below the cut - they're quite big.

Monkeycraft @ Etsy, by the way. ;)

The fabric here is vintage and the bird is based on a design from a 1970s German children's character. He's one of my favourite recent creations - so cute!

Also based on an image from some 70s fabric. I love this one - it's so bold and bright.

And a bit of geekiness. ;)
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