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East End Church of Craft- second meetup!

In a bit of sad luck our esteemed reverend Polska and her beloved Dan both came down with the flu and were unable to come to host the second East End Church of Craft meetup on Sunday Aug.13th. :(
The Aquagirls crew had a gig in Hampton Bays and were sorely missed too, though Trina did stop in for a while which was lovely. We did our best to keep the craftin torch lit and had a small but still wonderful group attending this time. Me, Tugboat, Pat, Tom, Trina, Piper and Jacob, and Brenty later on.

Pat is working on ATCs (artist trading cards)! She's got bits of old photos and all sorts of images she's collaging together into lovely combinations. I think we'll introduce this concept a bit more formally in some future meetup- so fun!

These are dolls made by Pat and Tom....the detail is amAaaazing. You can see more on her myspace page Here

Tom browses through our temporary library of craft mags, books and zines:

Pat and Tugboat discussing techniques. :
Tug made a sketch of the project he's working on for outside the lounge (more on this later)...while I was happily cutting out circles of fabric nearby...
Piper and Jacob stopped in and Piper showed us the amazing wire jewelry she's been working on...incorporating bits of her grandmother's old jewelry and other sentimental items....it was all sooo beautiful and way too quick- I want to rewind and grab pics! but she had to run off to another place:(

I brought in some new lil squirrel candies....I mean earrings!...that I made out of layered vintage buttons:)

then this one is 'SpinningTop'.....brooch or hair accessory, you choose.:)
(as you can see I'm having just as much fun making the backing cards)

Pat brought me in a cupcake book to drool over.....lushY pics, Thankyou!. Alissa had to man her shop, understandably. We're working on a cloning device so she can be at the meetups too;).

See you all and more folks next time, on Sunday Aug 27th!. Looking forward to the bigger group!Til then, unleash the craftYness wherever you are!!
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