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Long time no see! [29 Apr 2010|08:43am]

Life stuff has been happening, and now I’m back (more or less) but I’m currently sewing machine-less so I haven’t been making anything. However, I made this about six weeks ago and can finally post it because the challenge it was for is now public.

Our challenge word was “passage”.

Beads & Chains

And, as soon as we got our word for the second challenge, I knew exactly what my quilt would be about.Collapse )
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[16 Mar 2010|08:27pm]


Custom work availble, feel free to contact me.

Pure as Snow, White Lace Cuff -

Pearls before Spine, Brooch -

Heart shaped Lock and Skeleton Key, earrings-

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OurDecay [10 Mar 2010|04:14pm]

One of a kind jewelry, lots of items created mostly from found and salvaged pieces.

Lots of bones and teeth, hand done rosary style necklaces, apothecary style jar earrings and victorian brothel-esque styled wrist cuffs!

Human Eye Teeth earrings

Rose Red Wrist Cuff

Real Skull Rosary

i also take custom orders!
Thanks for taking a look,

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Brand New Inventory!!! [12 Feb 2008|02:40pm]

We have inexpensive jewelry too with sterling silver and real gold ear wires, chain and clasps.

Mechanical Bunny Boutique on Etsy

Mechanical Bunny Boutique's online shop
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[26 Jan 2008|06:44pm]

Announcing a Shop Full of Handmade items Dedicated to Gothic and Sweet Lolita Clothing (regular and plus size), Loli Decor, Cupcake Chocolate/Strawberry/Pina Colada Bath Fizzies and other Bath and Beauty items, and various items Blessed by the Mother Goddess.Collapse )
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Atlanta Craft Mafia! [16 Jan 2008|12:36pm]

The rumors are true, but don't worry, there won't be any glue-gun wars! The Atlanta branch of the Craft Mafia has indeed changed hands, and we're throwing a party to introduce ourselves.
You are invited!

When: Saturday, February 2nd 1-6pm
Where: Park Grounds coffeehouse in Reynoldstown
Who: The 7 friendly faces behind the new Atlanta Craft Mafia
What: Tasty treats to eat and drink, Crafty demos with a make-and-take table, Meet the "Family" and learn what we're all about.
Why: We'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse!

The NEW Atlanta Craft Mafia was re-formed in the fall of 2007 by seven local independent crafters with a strong DIY ethic, a shared love for all things crafty and a belief in the beauty of all things hand-made. The Atlanta Craft Mafia seeks to provide support and resources for other members of the Atlanta crafting community through public events, networking opportunities and collaborative marketing.

To learn more, please visit our website:

or check out our LJ Community atlcraftmafia

atlanta craft mafia logo
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Monsters Ready To Ship! [20 Sep 2007|02:32pm]


Ready to Ship Pillows!!! I have these guys ready to ship as soon as we receive payment. No need to go through the website if you don't want to. We do accept Paypal, MO's AND all major credit cards via online or over the phone.

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New Monster PIllows!! [02 Aug 2007|09:38am]


Plus I restocked with some other goodies AND reduced current prices in the sale section, as well as added a ton of plus size goodies to the sale section</a>so go check things out!!
Mechanical Bunny Boutique
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Question [04 Mar 2007|12:06pm]

I have never done this before and was wondering if some of you could help. There is a puzzle that I want to mount and hang after I'm finished with it, but I don't know exactly how to do that. Is there a special type of glue that I need or any other special materials? Thank you so much.
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Introduction [02 Mar 2007|09:00pm]

Hi. I just wanted to join a community where I could post my drawings. Because I've never taken an art class in my life, they aren't much more than doodles. I'm working on it though! Here is a copy of my latest doodle that I made while very bored in a lab meeting (hence the lined notebook paper).

I was originally going to do an anime style drawing but changed my mind. That's part of the reason the face got so screwy. That and I haven't quite figured out how to draw proper faces.
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[09 Feb 2007|12:31pm]

Whee, I just finished a bunch of things.. I'm a bit obsessed with making bags with felt appliques at the moment, so I'm trying to get it out of my system! Good job I'm having a stall at a craft fair in a month or so and will be able to do something with it all! :)

Pictures.Collapse )
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[07 Feb 2007|11:39pm]

Craftster Ladies (and lurking Gents!),

Please help me with my car art project! You can read the thread and comment on CRAFTSTER if you're a member, or reply here.

Thanks in advance!
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[05 Jan 2007|04:38pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Currently available:
+Four beaded bracelets
+Two adorable journals

Currently in the works:
+Two pairs of dangle earrings (great for parties)
+Four thank you cards

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[20 Nov 2006|10:57am]

Hi everyone!

I've just finished a bunch of new 14" x 14" cushion covers... 9 of them. Oh jeebus, I am SO over basting and putting in zips! They're all cotton with felt appliques, zipped bottoms, and a back to match the colour of the front applique. Mostly geeky designs, but I've also made a cute 70s inspired owl design on vintage fabric. He matches an earlier bird that I made, inspired by the same set of images.


I've made the whole set of Pacman ghosts along with Pacman and Ms Pacman in love.

More...Collapse )
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6 more shopping weeks till Christmas! [07 Nov 2006|12:41pm]

House of Havisham's Nightmare Soothing Range is available from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney and Gown of Thorns in Melbourne.

Buyers that aren't able to get to these stores may wish to visit my Etsy Store.

PLEASE NOTE: THE ETSY PRICES ARE IN U.S. DOLLARS even if you're purchasing from Australia and you will be charged at the appropriate conversion rate. Australian buyers are welcome to email me at if they prefer direct deposit.

I'm trying to get as much stock as possible made up before Christmas but I do expect this to run out. Don't leave it till the last minute if you've been wanting to buy one!

Image concealed behind tasteful LJ cutCollapse )

X-posted lots.
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[27 Oct 2006|06:19pm]

Hi everyone... I've been reading the community for a while ogling your gorgeous crafts and thought I'd show off some of the stuff I've been making lately. At the moment I'm obsessed with making cushion covers from new and vintage fabrics with felt appliques based on whatever catches my fancy - mostly geeky things (godzilla, pacman, etc) and images inspired by vintage fabrics (particularly from the 60s and 70s - I'm obsessed with stuff of that era). I'm also developing an obsession with making aprons, of which I have four (!) on the go. I'm going to visit my best friend for a week because she's having her first baby and am taking a suitacase of crafty stuff with me to work on, teehee.

Pictures below the cut - they're quite big.

Monkeycraft @ Etsy, by the way. ;)

Squish.Collapse )
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Scrappy - a new crafty zine! [30 Aug 2006|12:27pm]

this is my new craft zine! this first issue is called "Stitches" and is focused on DIY sewing, with ideas, 18 projects, useful info, and is created to be accessible to all levels including beginners. 

It's all hand-drawn and handwritten by me, handbound in yarn with a pamphlet stitch. Scrappy is $4 including shipping. International folks, distros, reviewers, people ordering by mail, and anyone with a crafty zine you want reviewed in a future Scrappy,  send me an e-mail

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East End Church of Craft- second meetup! [14 Aug 2006|10:39pm]

In a bit of sad luck our esteemed reverend Polska and her beloved Dan both came down with the flu and were unable to come to host the second East End Church of Craft meetup on Sunday Aug.13th. :(
The Aquagirls crew had a gig in Hampton Bays and were sorely missed too, though Trina did stop in for a while which was lovely. We did our best to keep the craftin torch lit and had a small but still wonderful group attending this time. Me, Tugboat, Pat, Tom, Trina, Piper and Jacob, and Brenty later on.

Pat is working on ATCs (artist trading cards)! She's got bits of old photos and all sorts of images she's collaging together into lovely combinations. I think we'll introduce this concept a bit more formally in some future meetup- so fun!
see more!Collapse )
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new church is born: East End CHU [06 Aug 2006|02:54pm]

After talking about it for a while, and feeling the sore lack in our area, some friends and I decided to JUST DO IT. (that is:start up a chapter of the inspirational Church of Craft out here in 'the Hammies', the east end of Long Island, NY.!)
We had our very first meetup last sunday at Tugboat's North Sea House, a local bar/lounge with a cozy eccentric feel.
Here are some pics from the meetup. We had 14 crafty peeps hanging around at different times and a little show and tell area and temporary browsing library with craft books, mags and zines. LOVED it. We're going to try to get together every other sunday.
I say to anyone who's sad this isn't happening in their area....grab one friend and start it up! make a flyer and go let folks know....craftypeeps are secretly all around you!
You'll be glad you did!
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Nightmare Soothing Range (Aromatherapy) [31 Jul 2006|07:56pm]

An opportunity to show off my lovely new product shots and a touch of shameless self promotion. Feel free to delete if this is considered inappropriate.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My etsy shop is located here:

but if you're an Australian buyer, please email me for online banking details which is far easier for both of us. The etsy shop is in US dollars.
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